After an outstandingly impressive 10-year run, the Gallardo – Lamborghini’s extremely popular V10 model – has finally been replaced. And what a replacement.

Presenting the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder – the latest outstanding technical (and visual) achievement and superb supercar from the house of Lamborghini. This car (edit: beast) is everything you can imagine and more. Over 600hp of V10 insanity (that gets you to 60 mph in well under 3-and-a-half seconds) and a design that we can only describe as stunning. The soft top convertible will get you an open air experience in only 17 seconds. The smooth shifting 7 speed dual clutch transmission matched with Lamborghini’s famous all wheel drive system give you all the confidence you need to attack corners and tear up the highway.

Deposit : $5000

Daily Rental: $1950


100 Miles Included

7-speed LDF Dual-Clutch Semi-Automatic


602 HP

Must be 21 to Rent

4 Passengers Max